Publications and projects

Scientific publications

  • Schmidt, F. et al.: The importance of swelling effects on cathode density and electrochemical performance of lithium-sulfur battery cathodes produced via dry processing
    Energy technology, 10 (2022), Nr. 2, Art. 2100721, DOI: 10.1002/ente.202100721
  • Schumm, B. et al.: Die Batterieelektrodenherstellung revolutionieren
    JOT Journal für Oberflächentechnik, 61 (2021), Nr. 11, S. 38–41, DOI: 10.1007/s35144-021-1377-1
  • Hippauf, F. et al.: Overcoming binder limitations of sheet-type solid-state cathodes using a solvent-free dry-film approach
    Energy storage materials, 21 (2019), S. 390–398, DOI: 10.1016/j.ensm.2019.05.033
  • Thieme, S. et al.: High capacity micro-mesoporous carbon-sulfur nanocomposite cathodes with enhanced cycling stability prepared by a solvent-free procedure
    Journal of materials chemistry, 1 (2013), Nr. 32, S. 9225–9234, DOI: 10.1039/c3ta10641a

Other publications


Press release / 12.5.2022

DRYtraec® to become technology platform

Fraunhofer IWS receives millions in federal funding for dry battery electrode coating technology


News / 20.4.2022

DRYtraec®: Environmentally friendly dry coating of battery electrodes


Press release / 1.9.2021

Environmentally friendly manufacture of battery electrodes

Sustainable battery production


Annual Report 2020/2021

DRYtraec® revolutionizes battery electrode production


Press release / 3.6.2019

Economical energy storage for the electric car of tomorrow

Dry electrode coating technology allows environmentally friendly battery cell production


Fraunhofer IWS is working in numerous projects with partners along the value chain on materials, processes and equipment for dry coating. In addition, Fraunhofer IWS is involved in various publicly funded projects with its DRYtraec® technology.


Extension of the Fraunhofer IWS infrastructure for dry-coating and realization of a process line with TRL-6, Duration: 02/2022–01/2024, BMBF, FKZ: 03XP0437 


Development of scalable processes for the production of solid-state batteries, BMBF, FKZ: 03XP0432E 


Project in the InZePro-CLuster for the evaluation and control of dry-coating with the aid of artificial intelligence, BMBF, FKZ: 03XP0325A 


Transfer of Fraunhofer IWS DRYtraec® technology into scalable prototype plants, M-era.Net project, FKZ: 02P17E010